AFTER the support team confirms your lead inputs are connected and leads are imported (if applicable), 

we ask that you watch the Introduction to Settings BEFORE scheduling the on boarding session. 

We also recommend watching the Quick Start Overview 

00:24     Knowledge Base + Support
02:49     Basic Podio Navigation
03:41     Main Workspace
05:03     Tasks Log App vs. Native Task List
06:09     Seller Leads App
09:08     Properties App
11:44     Automations - Seller Leads App
18:03     Offers App
21:43     Sending SMS and Email
23.44     Follow Up Sequences Field
25:56     Custom Contracts
26:48     Configuration Workspace
26:53     Third Party Live Answer App
27:27     Settings App
31:00     Job Roles App
32:34     Follow Up Sequences App
35:16     Mail Workspace
35:28     GoBig Printing account
36:56     One Off App

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