Views, reports and tiles are all ways to organize your data inside of InvestorFuse. These interrelated functions let you drill down into your data in a variety of ways. Reports are built from views and tiles.

Views and Filters

When you open an app there is a sidebar to the left, it lists the current filters and views in the app. The top section shows team views (visible to all workspace members) and private views (visible only to you). Views help create ‘shortcuts’ to specific data within the app. Type ‘view’ in the Knowledge Base search bar for additional articles about views.

How to create a new view 

  1. Go to ‘ALL view’

all view.png

  1. Click the filter icon at the top to choose your filter(s). You can also  choose any category (or categories) within the filter if you want to drill it down even further. Filter types include dates, category fields, relationship fields, tags, and member fields etc. Note: filters do not work with text fields.


  1. You can also customize between badge, table, card, activity and calendar layout for your view


  1. One more available feature is sorting. Order your view based on the criteria you select.


  1. Click Save when you are ready to save the view

  2. Give the view a title 

  3. Choose to save as a team view or a private view

  4. Choose to add split view data if desired

create view.gif

  1. You can drag and drop the views to re-order them as necessary, by clicking the double arrow.  



Your reports and other tiles are available in an overlay via the "Reports" button in the upper right when viewing your app. Click into the main view of any app and click the reports button to see the reports generated by the system.

How to add a new report

  1. Click (+) add report button located in the upper right hand corner

add report.png

  1. Choose count 

  2. Choose desired filter(s)

  3. Choose Next

  4. Name the Report and Unit type

  5. Save to App Reports, Your home page, Workspace home page, or Employee Network home page.



In the main activity window there is the activity stream running on the left and the tiles (white boxes) on the left hand side of the screen. In the main workspace there are some tiles already created, you can move them around, delete them, edit to customize to fit your company's workflow. 

Here are instructions for adding a tile two different ways, we will use the Seller Lead app as an example. (see video 0:57 to 2:44) 

  1. Click into the app to the main view

  2. Click the all seller leads view

  3. Click (+) add report button located in the upper right hand corner

  4. Choose count 

  5. Choose desired filter(s). Leads from last 30 days and any additional filters you want for example

  6. Choose Next

  7. Name the Report and Unit type

  8. Save to App Reports, Your home page, Workspace home page, or Employee Network home page. 

  9. Choose Workspace Homepage to create a tile

  10. Click Save report

  11. New tile is now located on main activity page of the workspace at the top

Second method 

(see video 5:10 to 5:43) 

  1. Go to main activity page of the workspace

  2. Scroll to the bottom and click + ADD TILE button

  3. Choose which app for the tile and follow system prompts to complete the steps like the ones listed in First method. 

With these functions you can build a clear overview, so you can see exactly what's going on in any app in your workspaces.