In this article we will show you how you can create a new job role and assign that job role to tasks.

Job roles are what assign a task to a person. A job role can be assigned to multiple tasks. This way if someone leaves the company or goes on vacation, you just have to change the job role. You don't have to go in and change each task. 

NOTE: You can create job roles and link EXISTING tasks to the newly created job role. The existing tasks have automation tied to them to generate at certain points in the system. If you create new tasks and assign to any job role the tasks will not have automation programmed. Contact support@investorfuse.com for recommended names of Podio consultants if you would like to customize new tasks with automation, consultant fees will apply (average is $150 hr).


Creating the Job Role

  • Be logged into Podio and go to your Configuration Workspace
  • Click the Job Roles app

  • Click add role in the top right

  • Fill out all the fields. The Job Title is an internal term. The Email for person needs to be the person's Podio email address. NOTE: SMS and Email signature is not used yet, but you do need to put some text in the fields. Putting just "SMS" and "Email" in those fields will be fine.
  • Once you have filled out the fields click "Save Role" in the bottom right.

Assigning Tasks to The Role

  • Go to the tasks app in your Configuration Workspace

  • Click on the task you wish to edit from the list.

  • Scroll down to the "Assigned To" field and click Add/Remove.

  • Click the "x" in the right corner of the existing job role to remove it. NOTE a task can only be assigned to one job role.

  • Start typing in the Job Title you created. When it appears in the list click it to add it onto the task. The task will autosave so there is not a "save" button you need to click.