This article shows you how to send sms and email from within the comment section in Podio.


To send a text or an email to an individual seller, you are going to use the comment box on the seller lead. Follow the below steps.

  • Click onto the desired seller lead you wish to communicate with.
  • Once on the seller lead page, click on the "Add a Comment" field on the bottom right. 
  • To send a text message, type "sms:" and then whatever you would like the message to say.
  • To send an email, type "email:" and then whatever you would like the message to say.
  • Once you have typed out your message, press "Add", and you will see confirmation that the message has been sent in the comment stream along with the communication log updating. 

Before sending texts and emails out, make sure you have the seller's correct phone number, email address, and adequate credits in the system. It costs 2 credits (2 cents) to send a text message. 

Also be aware of your outgoing text and email signatures that are in your company settings. These can be viewed and edited in your configuration workspace in the settings app.

Pro tip: The "Email and SMS" feature will only function with in the "Seller Leads and Buyer Leads App" the Email and or SMS will not go through when being sent through any other apps.

What happens when they reply to the sms or email?

- The system will change the next action field to 'Reply to Seller'
- The system will add the lead to the "Needs Reply Now" view
- The system will create a "Reply to Seller' Task (assigned to Seller Lead Qualifier Job Role)